Barrel Racing Score Adjustment

In the discipline of Barrel Racing, the scores were adjusted after the horsemanship and first timed barrel racing run. The original intention was that the horsemanship pattern would count for one third of the total preliminary score, but a mathematical error was overly weighting that score. A mathematical adjustment was proposed to properly weight the horsemanship scores by dividing the existing horsemanship score by three.

All entered barrel racing trainers were contacted to attend a briefing on Wednesday evening to discuss the proposed change. A majority of trainers were in attendance, and reached the consensus to make the mathematical adjustment that would properly weight the horsemanship score as intended.

The horsemanship component was introduced when the 2019 rulebook was published in December 2018. This component upholds the mission of the Thoroughbred Makeover as a retraining competition, designed to showcase the foundational training that successfully transitions a recently-retired off-track Thoroughbred. 

Please note that the pattern was set differently this year compared to past years. The barrels are closer together than in previous years. There are no standing arena records for this discipline, but Shaila VanSickle and Market Risk hold the fastest time of the week so far with a 17.034.

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