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With the Makeover just 64 days away, the rubber meets the road and the deadlines come quickly. What follows is another lengthy email, one of several that you will get over the next two months. We do the best we can to get you the information that you need, when you need it, in a thorough and comprehensive way and so we appreciate you taking the time to read these messages and save them for future reference!



Final Entry Forms: Be Not Afraid TOMORROW, Wednesday, August 1st, at 7PM EST

Kirsten walks you through the final entry process and how to use the entry management section of the site.

Getting the Most out of the Makeover Horse Sale, Thursday, August 16th, at 7PM EST

We expect roughly half of Makeover horses to be offered in the Thoroughbred Makeover Horse Sale. Kirsten and Erin Harty review the options that are in place to help you promote your horse and offer tips for how to create an attractive sale ad.

The Makeover is 10 Days Away and I’m FREAKING OUT, Monday, September 24th at 7PM EST

Grab your paper bag and breathe, Kirsten and Allison Howell cover all of your logistical questions leading into the Makeover.

As always, webinars will be hosted via Facebook Live in the Thoroughbred Makeover Trainer’s Group and available there for viewing after the fact. They will also be added to the Webinars menu along with past episodes in the Competitor’s section of the Makeover website. You may email questions in advance for any of the above topics to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



The only ticketed portion of the Thoroughbred Makeover is the Finale on Saturday and there are two ticket options; General Admission ($10), and General Admission with Dinner ($30).

Makeover Trainers and Makeover Teams receive TWO General Admission with Dinner tickets per entry (i.e.; one horse=two tickets, two horses=4 tickets).

RRP Members receive one General Admission ticket, so Makeover Trainers and Team members are eligible for this discount as well.


New for this year: Tickets will NOT be included in your check in packet nor will they be automatically sent to you. You MUST RSVP to the finale/ purchase any additional finale tickets you may need via Eventbrite and then Eventbrite will EMAIL you your tickets.

You will receive your complimentary tickets by the use of discount codes, which you can access here. Note that there are separate discount codes for Trainers, Team Captains, and Members and that Eventbrite does not allow the use of multiple discount codes in a transaction. So you may need to complete more than one transaction to take full advantage of your ticket discounts.

Discount codes are valid for one use only. Please do not share your unused codes… that’s stealing. 



Tomorrow, August 1st is the last day to register or swap horses for both the regular and TEAM competition. You can access the horse registration form through the Competitors section of the website. We also recorded a tutorial on horse registrations and entry management which you can view here. If no horse registration is completed, you will be assumed a scratch and you will not be able to complete the Final Entry form. If your horse still says “pending” in Manage My Entries, it’s OK. Your registration has been received.



This form is the last form between you and the Makeover. I know, we have a lot of forms but we also have reasons. What follows is guidance for completing this critical form. Again, if a final entry form is not received by August 17, you will be assumed a scratch. We will not be calling you to remind you to complete this form.


may the odds be ever in your favor

Just kidding. It's not that serious... or is it?


The Final Entry Form is restricted. If you are not logged in or if your membership has expired you will not be able to access the form. One form per trainer or team. Trainers with two horses will have BOTH horses populate on the same form. Only Team Captains will have access to their team’s form. The form prepopulates some information, including your horse’s Jockey Club name. Please verify that this information is correct before proceeding.


You may find that your horse’s entry status still says pending when you go to complete your final entry, that is OK. You can still complete your final entry while your horse is pending.


Discipline Choices

Select which discipline(s) you wish to compete in. Depending on which disciplines you select, you may also be asked what height you want to jump or what you’re doing in your Freestyle. Be sure not to skip those fields. Your discipline choices are FINAL but you will have the option to change jump heights and Freestyle information until closer to the event. One discipline was included in your original entry fee. Second disciplines are $50. A PRELIMINARY schedule can be found here.


Special Awards- Not applicable to Team entries

Check off all awards that you believe your horse is eligible for. You can review eligibility criteria here and RRP staff will have final say in confirming eligibility. We expect to have some late additions to special awards and will add them to this list once they are confirmed. You will have the ability to edit these fields after submitting your final entry.


Makeover Horse Sale

Tell us if your horse will participate in the Makeover Horse Sale. A Standard Listing is $50, and new for this year we are offering a Featured Listing option. Featured Listings will include all of the same recognition as Standard Listings in addition to a two-picture feature on the covered arena jumbotron at least twice during the event. Trainers will have access to create their horse’s sale listing immediately after they submit their final entry form. The online sale catalog will launch August 14th and trainers will have the ability to create or edit their ad until September 14th. Horses with no ad created as of September 14th will not be included in the catalog.



$110 covers your stall and Horse Park user fee, arriving on Wednesday the 3rd and departing by 8am Monday the 8th. Additional days are available at the Horse Park's layover rate of $50 per day. Tack stalls are $100, are subject to layover rates, and are assigned on a first come first served basis depending on availability. You may forgo your stall and instead pay the $40 Horse Park ship in fee to work from your trailer. You will also have the opportunity to request a particular barn (we’re in 1-12) or neighbor. We will do the best we can to accommodate. When listing stabling neighbors, please include trainer and or horse names. If you have a preference for who you want to stable with if you had to choose, please indicate that as well.


A note on Horse Park stabling:

Bedding is not provided and stalls are unmatted concrete. You will need to plan to pack bedding and ALL other stabling supplies. You may contact the Dever office (859-233-9702) at the horse park to order shavings, feed, hay, and stall mats and have them delivered to your stall. There is also a Tractor Supply Company up the highway one exit in Georgetown. You may bed your stalls with shavings or straw and you do not have to strip your stall when you leave. Golf cart rental is handled by Cunningham (859-233-7921).



The form will calculate your entry fees and redirect you to PayPal to pay with an account or card. If you do not pay at the time of form submission, an invoice will be emailed to you by September 15th. All entry fees must be paid by September 25th. A breakdown of all fees is available here.



When you have submitted your Finale Entry, you will get an email confirmation summarizing your selections and your Manage My Entries page will look something like this:

My Entries

Until September 14th, you may edit the following fields on your Final Entry:

  • Discipline jump heights and Freestyle info

  • Special Award eligibility

  • Horse sale status and listing info

  • Stabling needs


Changing some of these options may impact the total fees due for your entry. We will bill you for any outstanding balance as of September 15th.



Don’t forget that as Makeover trainers you must keep your RRP membership current. Many of you have memberships that are currently expired or will come up for renewal soon. Your membership expires . If you need to renew your membership there’s two easy ways to do it:


  • Log in to your account at click the Membership tab, scroll down and click Renew Now. Please do not create a new account to renew your membership, contact us should you have trouble with your account.


  • Call the office at 410-798-5140 and we will gladly accept a credit card over the phone and update your membership.

*Note that you will not be able to access Makeover registration forms without an active membership.



The Makeover would not be possible without a small army of dedicated volunteers! JOIN US. 



We’re now accepting donations for our silent auction! More info here. 



Have friends or family that have cool products? Invite them to be a vendor in our sponsor fair! 



August 1: Horse Registrations Deadline

August 1- 17: Final Entry Period

August 15: Online Horse Sale Catalog Launches

September 14: Last day to edit final entry and sale ad fields

September 15: All invoices for outstanding stabling and additional fees will be issued by this date

September 25: Stabling and other fees are due 



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