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Shopping at the 2021 ASPCA Makeover Marketplace

Welcome, shoppers! We are so pleased that you are considering a Thoroughbred Makeover participant for your next partner. In this year's ASPCA Makeover Marketplace, you will find over 100 prospects that have been handpicked by their respective trainers for their soundness, trainability and talent. These trainers have invested the past ten months in these horses, carefully reconditioning them and restarting them for their post-racing careers.

The ASPCA Makeover Marketplace is a unique opportunity for potential buyers and adopters in that you can:

  • Take a Look: Use this catalog to identify your top choices and then watch them compete in one or two of ten different disciplines at the Kentucky Horse Park
  • Take a Ride: Arrange a trial ride of your prospective partner in our dedicated trial ring. Where else can you arrange to ride diverse candidates from multiple different sellers in one trip away from home?
  • and Take One Home: Bring your trailer! We will have vets on call from Hagyard Equine Medical Institute all week to perform pre-purchase exams so you can buy with confidence.

...all in one location!

Please allow us to offer you some tips to make the most of this catalog!

How does the Marketplace work?

The Makeover horse sale is not an auction; it is better described as a marketplace. All sales are private contracts between the buyer and seller. The RRP is not party to the transaction and does not receive any commission. The RRP strictly serves an an organizer for the Marketplace by putting together shopping resources, aiding trainers in the marketing of their horses, and creating a venue to make this possible. Contributions from satisfied sellers and buyers, however, are encouraged and appreciated. They are tax-deductible and are used to fun the RRP's programs to promote and facilitate placement of these horses.

Future Prospects Section

New for 2021, the Marketplace catalog now includes a Future Prospects section thanks to the generous support of the ASPCA. Future Prospects are 2022 Thoroughbred Makeover-eligible horses available for adoption from participating 501(c)3 adoption organizations. While the horses in this print catalog may no longer be available at press time, our Adoption Partner organizations have many more prospects looking for homes!

Finding and Identifying Horses

The online listings will include stabling locations and ride times (added later in September) so that you can watch and meet horses that interest you. Use the mobile phone numbers listed to reach sellers if you can't find them at their stalls. Look for green icons throughout the weekend to identify Marketplace horses on their stall cards, online entry lists, stickers on their bridle numbers, and in the event program.

Trial Rides

Trial rides are allowed at seller discretion, generally only after a horse has finished Makeover competition. If you plan a trial ride you must first sign a release at the Information Desk in the Covered Arena and then show the release verification wrist band. The Walnut Ring warm-up arena is set aside for trial rides throughout the Makeover.

Buying and PPEs

Prices may or may not be negotiable, and in some cases may increase based on performance or other factors. Sellers are encouraged to screen buyers to facilitate appropriate matches. Don't be offended if they ask you about your riding background or goals.

The RRP encourages buyers to invest in pre-purchase exams before purchasing. Hagyard Equine Medical Institute (859-255-8741) has veterinarians on call to conduct exams during the Makeover. Keep in mind that it is the veterinarian’s job to evaluate the current condition of the horse, and it is the buyer’s decision whether to purchase the horse.


Sellers will have their own transfer of ownership agreements. All sellers have agreed to include in those agreements the following language or something equivalent:

  1. Buyers agrees to make a reasonable effort to notify Seller when the horse is made available for sale in the future.
  2. Buyer will not knowingly sell the horse to a “kill buyer” or allow the horse to be sold at public auction for less than $1,000.

It should also be noted that any horse in the Marketplace that is being offered by a non-profit aftercare organization may require an additional adoption approval process.

A free basic bill of sale is available for download at

Let’s Celebrate Together!

Look for the photo-opp space outside the trial arena and snap some pictures if you had a "Match Made at the ASPCA Makeover Marketplace"! Tell us about your sale and send us updates. Sales of Makeover horses are a key metric in tracking the RRP's progress in pursuit of our mission to increase demand for Thoroughbreds and we want to hear from you! Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 410-798-5140 or

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Combat Diver, sold at the 2017 Thoroughbred Makeover Marketplace, purchased by Rob Caldwell, MFH of Cedar Knob Hounds. Photo courtesy of Michelle Gomez, Westlight Studios.

Dewey Square, sold at the 2015 Thoroughbred Makeover Marketplace. Owned by Nicholas D'Amore and training with Kate Chadderton.

Howie Gonnado This, sold at the 2017 Thoroughbred Makeover. Competed through Training with Maria Caplan. Photo by High Time Photography

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