Friday, October 4

TCA Covered Arena Club Lounge, presented by The Horse Media Group

Makeover attendees will have the opportunity to sit in on the following three educational seminars and panel discussions dedicated to the care, training and marketing of off-track Thoroughbreds. Seminars are free and open to all and include light refreshments and door prizes!

Preventing Injury and Disease in Your OTTB
Friday, 12:00pm
Club Lounge

Panelists: Dr. Ernie Martinez, Hagyard Equine Medical Institute; Dr. Cage Cruise, Bluegrass Equine Podiatry; Dr. Larkspur Carroll, CORE Therapies; Kirsten Johnson, KESMARC LLC

Sponsored by Godolphin
Moderator: Stephanie Church, of The Horse Media Group

Your OTTB is likely both an investment and a partner. As you guide him from one career to another, you’ll want to keep him as healthy and sound as possible. Here’s how to be prepared for (but hopefully prevent!) anything from infectious disease to soft tissue and bone injuries.

Feeding Your OTTB
Friday, 1:45pm
Club Lounge

Panelists: Dr. Kenneth Kopp, Kemin;  Dr. Laurie Lawrence, University of Kentucky; Dr. Fernanda Carmargo, University of Kentucky

Sponsored by Triple Crown Nutrition
Moderator: Michelle Anderson, of The Horse Media Group

Thoroughbreds’ lifestyles change significantly when they leave the track, and their diets need to accommodate this. We’ll talk about common problems you might encounter during the transition period from racehorse to performance or recreational horse, whether it’s keeping on weight, identifying signs of gastric ulcers, managing a “hot” horse, or simply determining where an OTTB needs specific nutritional support and how to supply it.

Pre-Purchase Exams
Friday, 3:30pm
Club Lounge

Panelists: Dr. Emma Adams, University of Kentucky; Dr. Shannon Reed, The Ohio State University; Dr. Liz Barrett, Hagyard Equine Medical Institute

Sponsored by University of Kentucky Ag Equine Programs
Moderator: Alexandra Beckstett, of The Horse Media Group

A bump here, a chip there, some reactivity over there. What does it all mean for soundness now and later, and should you get X rays? From the basic to the involved, here’s what you can expect to find out (and perhaps not find out) when you get an OTTB sport or pleasure horse prospect vetted off the track.


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