#25 Coconut Roll

2013 16.3 Hand Bay Gelding

By Victor's Cry out of Holy Deeds by Holy Bull
Bred in Ontario by Gail Wood


Racing Career

Auction Price: Not Applicable
Auction: Not Applicable

Last Race or Work: Sep 21, 2016 at Woodbine
Trained by: W. Phillip Gracey
Starts: 3
Wins: 0
Earnings: $ 1,250

Stakes Results: Not Applicable
Breeder's Cup Participant: No

Equibase Link

Competition Details

Bridle #: 25

Stall(s): Find it! 1203

Discipline(s) Entered: Show Jumper and Eventing

Ride Times:
Show Jumper
Ride Time: Fri 8:58 AM in the Claiborne Ring
Ride 1 Time: Thu 10:09 AM (3) in the Rolex Stadium
Ride 2 Time: Thu 11:39 AM at the Steeplechase Infield

Trainer & Owner Information

Trainer: Lauren Brooks, Professional from Ontario

Trainer Discipline Background: 9 and 8

Trainer Website, Blog or Social Media Page: Visit

Owner: Lauren Brooks

Non-profit involved in acquisition of this horse: Not Applicable

Sale Information

Rollo is a big, powerful horse with potential to become a solid upper-level eventer, jumper or dressage horse. In the long run he could be a hunter star but his conformation and uphill way of going currently better suit him to the jumper ring. He works at all gaits on a supple contact, knows the basics of lateral work and has solid flying changes. He has schooled fences up to 3’6” with plenty of room to move up, and is currently focusing on technique and rideability through gymnastics and smaller fences. He jumps liverpools, ditches, logs, trakehners and coops. He has schooled off property in the hunter, jumper and cross country rings and while he can be more up in a new environment, he is still very rideable and focused on his work.

Rollo is best suited for an advanced rider to develop, or confident intermediate rider working with a coach. In the future he is expected to be an amateur-safe ride, but he is still a year or two’s worth of training away from being that steady. Rollo has participated in jump clinics under the tutelage of international event riders such as Buck Davidson, Stuart Black and Momo Lafrombroise. All have had extremely positive feedback about his gaits, jumping style, rideability and athletic talent. The future is extremely bright for this stellar young horse!

Rollo is well-behaved for all aspects of handling including trailering, bathing, shoeing and veterinary work. He is a favourite with barn staff and boarders for his easy-going nature and goofy personality. Rollo is a cribber, which is currently controlled with a collar. He has front shoes with corks, is barefoot behind.

Currently priced at 11,000USD

Additional Information: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10156292179041049&l=cc9f966e7d

Additional Information: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10156292178916049&l=9208947866

Additional Information: https://www.facebook.com/lauren.a.brooks/videos/10156314183771049/

Notes on Previous Injuries: Windpuffs both hind fetlocks, no known soundness issues no injuries on the track as per breeder & track trainer

Radiographs Available? No

Contact: Lauren Brooks

Email: lauren.a.brooks@hotmail.com

Phone: 9057460219

Price: $11,000.


Personal Photo
Personal Photo

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