#32 Dancing Rubi

2013 16.1 Hand Bay Mare

By Dance With Ravens out of Rubi Spice by Rubiano
Bred in Delaware by Thomas F. Hunt


Racing Career

Auction Price: Not Applicable
Auction: Not Applicable

Last Race or Work: Jul 14, 2016 at Charles Town
Trained by: Crystal G. Pickett
Starts: 2
Wins: 0
Earnings: $ 200

Stakes Results: Not Applicable
Breeder's Cup Participant: No

Equibase Link

Competition Details

Bridle #: 32

Stall(s): Find it! 0809, 0810

Discipline(s) Entered: Show Hunter and Show Jumper

Ride Times:
Show Hunter
Ride Time: Thu 9:30 AM in the Stonelea Ring
Show Jumper
Ride Time: Fri 2:54 PM in the Claiborne Ring

Trainer & Owner Information

Trainer: Alyssa Brasseur, Amateur from Michigan

Trainer Discipline Background: 9 and 8

Trainer Website, Blog or Social Media Page: None Provided

Owner: Alyssa Brasseur

Non-profit involved in acquisition of this horse: Not Applicable::

Sale Information

Things Ruby loves:

Things Ruby did not love:
Racing - she raced twice and was just too slow, retiring with no known injuries or soundness issues

While still green, Ruby really enjoys jumping, is honest to fences, and has proven she can take a joke. She has completed courses at shows at 2'6 at the canter with a mix of simple and flying lead changes. She has floating gaits and is responsive to leg, hand, voice, and seat aids. She's a quick learner and benefits from a challenge and regular work, as she can tend to get distracted on the flat. Ruby goes best with a confident rider who can continue to expose her to new things and keep her focused - could be finished by an adult or older kid in a program.

Will be competing in Show Hunters and Show Jumpers at 2'6 at the Makeover and is eligbile for Baby Greens for the 2019 show season.

Additional Information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1UVQtZOq8s

Additional Information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDFSdK_DRE8

Additional Information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gK_BuJHV5zI

Notes on Previous Injuries: None

Radiographs Available? No

Contact: Alyssa Brasseur

Email: alyssa.brasseur@gmail.com

Phone: 9196101595

Price: $7,000.


Personal Photo
Personal Photo

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