#42 Dr. Hal

2010 16.1 Hand Chestnut Gelding

By Purge out of Loxina by Came Home
Bred in Kentucky by Julia Swords


Racing Career

Auction Price: Not Applicable
Auction: Not Applicable

Last Race or Work: Mar 1, 2018 at Turfway Park
Trained by: Henry Burnett Armstrong
Starts: 40
Wins: 5
Earnings: $ 100,082

Stakes Results: Not Applicable
Breeder's Cup Participant: No

Equibase Link

Competition Details

Bridle #: 42

Stall(s): Find it! 1305, 1306

Discipline(s) Entered: Show Jumper and Eventing

Ride Times:
Show Jumper
Ride Time: Fri 3:43 PM in the Claiborne Ring
Ride 1 Time: Thu 9:51 AM (3) in the Rolex Stadium
Ride 2 Time: Thu 11:21 AM at the Steeplechase Infield

Trainer & Owner Information

Trainer: Henry Burnett Armstrong, Professional from Kentucky

Trainer Discipline Background: Eventing and Field Hunter

Trainer Website, Blog or Social Media Page: None Provided

Owner: Henry Burnett Armstrong

Non-profit involved in acquisition of this horse: Not Applicable


No photo provided.

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