#179 Tacky Angel

2005 16.0 Hand Bay Gelding

By Mutakddim out of Eskimo's Angel by Eskimo
Bred in Louisiana by Circle H Farms


Racing Career

Auction Price: Not Applicable
Auction: Not Applicable

Last Race or Work: Jun 26, 2017 at Thistledown
Trained by: Ashley M. Stoneking
Starts: 81
Wins: 12
Earnings: $ 246,128

Stakes Results: Not Applicable
Breeder's Cup Participant: No

Equibase Link

Competition Details

Bridle #: 179

Stall(s): Find it! 0223, 0224

Discipline(s) Entered: Competitive Trail and Barrel Racing

Ride Times:
Competitive Trail
Ride Time: Fri 10:20 AM at the Head of the Lake
Barrel Racing
Ride 1 Time: Thu 8:00 AM (18) in the Covered Arena
Ride 2 Time: Thu 11:00 AM(13) in the Covered Arena

Trainer & Owner Information

Trainer: Hannah Lewis, Amateur from New York

Trainer Discipline Background: Competitive Trail and Barrel Racing

Trainer Website, Blog or Social Media Page: Visit

Owner: Hannah Lewis

Non-profit involved in acquisition of this horse: Not Applicable

Sale Information

Tacky Angel, aka George, is a 15.3hh (just shy of 16hh!) 13 y/o who has matured leaps and bounds since his purchase in February. In typical warhorse fashion, George never likes to be late to anything- the finish line, the gate, or meals! As a very easy keeper, George has been in regular work and has been getting 6 qts of feed daily, along with the occasional handful of Timothy cubes to keep him busy while the other stalled horses get turned out. He doesn't prefer to eat hay if he doesn't have to, but if it's available he'll munch along.

Coming to my farm, George was reactive and skittish, and had a hard time trusting anyone. (If you had changed barns every other start of your career, you would be too!) Since we have been training together, George has matured immensely- we ride/work/ turnout alone whether in the indoor or outdoor arena, or ride alone on the trails. When a buddy is available, we also play well with others. George has begun his competitive trail training, after putting a solid W/T/C foundation on him. He now is a fan of hula hooping, pool noodles, the tarp, saddle bags, ground poles, and fake flowers (snacks... they look like snacks.) We are working currently with noisier items such as milk jugs, sleds full of rocks, and loose feed bags.

At the TB Makeover, we will be competing in Competitive Trail and Barrels. This does not limit George to what his talents are. He moves with effortless floating activity in his knees, making me believe he would be a great hunter prospect, as well as a Western trail horse. If you are looking for a horse who can do fun shows, bomb around on trails, and then show up to a serious event with his game face on, Tacky Angel (George) is your man! He loves regular work, and to feel useful. This 13 y/o deserves the life of luxury, after earning his well-deserved retirement from his extended racing career.

Notes on Previous Injuries:

Radiographs Available? No

Organization or Business: Hannah Katherine OTTB's

Contact: Hannah Lewis

Email: hljh12408@yahoo.com

Phone: 6076613212

Price: $5,500.


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