#136 Nasdeck

2015 16.0 Hand Chestnut Gelding

By First Samurai out of Activist Investor by Mr. Greeley
Bred in Kentucky by Corrigan Racing Stable, Inc. & Jeff Stoddard


Racing Career

Auction Price: Not Applicable
Auction: Not Applicable

Last Race or Work: Apr 13, 2018 at Keeneland
Trained by: Jimmy Corrigan
Starts: 1
Wins: 0
Earnings: $ 65

Stakes Results: Not Applicable
Breeder's Cup Participant: No

Equibase Link

Competition Details

Bridle #: 136

Stall(s): Find it! 0145, 0146

Discipline(s) Entered: Competitive Trail and Ranch Work

Ride Times:
Competitive Trail
Ride Time: Fri 8:20 AM at the Head of the Lake
Ranch Work
Ride Time: Thu 5:39 PM in the Covered Arena

Trainer & Owner Information

Trainer: Shannon Carr, Professional from Kentucky

Trainer Discipline Background: Show Hunter and Dressage

Trainer Website, Blog or Social Media Page: Visit

Owner: Shannon Carr

Non-profit involved in acquisition of this horse: Not Applicable

Sale Information

Cowboy's Dream Horse!! Nasdeck loves going on adventures and wants to hang around the campfire with you! He is calm and level headed, the best three year old horse I have ever had the pleasure of owning and riding. He is sensible, sweet and smooth. He will go anywhere you ask him and is unfazed by outside stimuli. This horse will stay the course with you.

Nasdeck is a pleasure to ride and nice to have in the barn. He has been hauled around to multiple places every week in prep for the makeover event. He is doing trail rides, lessons, clinics and an IMTCA Competition. Nasdeck adjusts well to new situations. He gets a bit pushed around by my mean pony in the field but overall he makes friends easily and everyone loves him.

Nas likes to have his legs stretched, ears pulled, and forehead rubbed. I will sometimes ground tie him in the aisle way so he can take a nap while I do barn chores. He really wants to be on your team, and generally tries to be well behaved. I let him roam the farm to graze and he will take himself back into the stall when he gets hot, thirsty or needs to relieve himself. Nasdeck will ride out alone or in a group. He likes to drink from the creek on trails, and is good at scaling hills. I mostly keep him in a separate paddock alone while in training and he is just fine that way as well. He is sound for jumping but is young and likes to go slow, so primarily western is good for him right now. Nasdeck will make you a fine forever horse, and will love to be your best buddy.

Additional Information: https://www.facebook.com/SECarrEquestrian/media_set?set=a.10105380021655485&type=3&fb_dtsg_ag=AdzdoZHLYgAaOTIZveU80rdFmZnAVNSWkz_6wm_drbjkiA%3AAdyqf-tkN36x40BYeGetagJAaQe_K_3JK0tKakpZoX6oDg

Additional Information: https://www.facebook.com/SECarrEquestrian/videos/a.10105380021655485/10105470696302765/?type=3

Additional Information: https://www.facebook.com/SECarrEquestrian/videos/a.10105380021655485/10105453048608885/?type=3

Notes on Previous Injuries: old superficial scar on front left, pinfired before he raced.

Radiographs Available? No

Organization or Business: S.E.Carr Equestrian

Contact: Shannon Carr

Email: secarrequestrian@gmail.com

Phone: 513.328.3639

Price: $10,000.


Personal Photo
Personal Photo

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