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Thank You to Our 2018  Vendors.  We Hope to See You in 2019!


AirEss Equine Products
Booth #13-14

American Stalls
Booth #61-62

Booth #75

Booth #72

Be the Blessing Studio/Montana Horse Power
Booth #52

Bliss of London
Booth #31-32

Bluegrass Vibershield
Booth #36

Boot Barn
Booth #9

C4 Belts
Booth #20

Booth #54-55


The Lexington Padded Belt is now available in over 40 color combinations

beltsMaster Saddler, Claire Painter is the authentic heart of Clever with Leather. With nearly a decade devoted to training in London, England and apprenticing in the time-honored tradition under a master in Perthshire, Scotland; Clever with Leather was first established by Claire in Scotland, then brought to the US in 1992.
Since then, Clever with Leather has excelled at producing goods of distinctive quality and cleverly designed items that are both unique and durable to all aspects of the equestrian community; in the bluegrass and worldwide.
Booth #5-6

Cunningham (Golf Cart Rental at the Kentucky Horse Park)
Booth #1-2

CWD Saddlery
Outside Booth 

Booth #49

Deco Pony
Booth #21


Doc's Products, the maker of OCD Pellets, isn't just dedicated to improving your horse's life, but your dog's as well with our revolutionary supplement COS Pellets.

docsproductsDoc’s Products Inc. uses breakthrough formulas that maintain, protect, and restore bone and joints in horses, using OCD Pellets™, and dogs, using COS Pellets™ in all stages of their lives. Bone is a dynamic tissue that undergoes remodeling, replacing and repairing itself constantly. Feeding OCD and/or COS Pellets™ daily will provide the micro-sized isolate precursors to the active ingredients of Chondroitin and Glucosamine for better assimilation and absorption. OCD and COS Pellets™ are not just bone supplements, they are also a joint supplement to reduce the inflammation to help heal the cartilage and bone and improve the joint function. Build stronger bone and healthier joints with OCD and COS Pellets™, exclusively from Doc’s Products, Inc.
Booth #48

Booth #33-35

Epona, Ltd.
Booth #22

Equistro 1C black.jpg

FLEXADIN UC-II® helps maintain joint mobility and flexibility for horses

Equistro Flexadin UC IIlogoEQUISTRO® FLEXADIN UC-II® has been a trusted brand of equine products available throughout Europe for over 30 years and used by the top riders in the world. Once-daily administration promotes cartilage development and joint health at the immunologic level.
• Enhance the body’s normal repair of cartilage and joints
• Help maintain joint mobility and flexibility
• Help support the structural integrity of joints
• Support a healthy inflammatory response
Available through your local veterinarian.
Booth #55B-55C


Excel Equine Feeds


Each bag of Excel Equine contains only the highest quality of ingredients and each ingredient is evaluated prior to manufacturing to meet strict nutritional requirements. One of the most important aspects of Excel Equine is that it is EQUINE ONLY. This means that no medications or antibiotics are allowed into the manufacturing facility. Antibiotics and medications are often used in other livestock feeds. Horses can become extremely ill or die from consumption of these medications. Excel Equine takes away the risk of contamination from these substances being accidently mixed into your horse’s feed by only producing feeds meant for horses. Excel offers a wide variety of horse feeds from blends for the senior horses, to the horses who are competing athletes. At Excel, there is a feed for every type, discipline, and stage of life a horse is in at the time.

Booth #10

Equine Office
Booth #19

Equi-Resp/ Black Ice LLC
Outside Booth


Developed with care, backed by science. Equithrive Joint and Equithrive Hoof.

TBM ProductsEquithrive is built on science and compassion. Our products have undergone rigorous scientific testing at leading research institutions to demonstrate their safety and effectiveness. If you believe in products backed by scientific research, Equithrive is the company you should trust to provide products that will support the health and performance of your horse. Equithrive Joint is clinically proven to support healthy equine joint function during aging, training and competition. Equithrive Hoof Pellets contain key nutrients that promote cellular health and structural strength in equine hoof.
Booth #43

Fenwick Equestrian
Booth #37B

French Laundry and Equiprisim

Booth #16

Galloping Out
Booth #67

GRC Photo, official event photographer
Booth #79-80

Harry Dabbs
Booth #77-78

Hawthorne Products
Booth #76

Horse Country Tours
Booth #72

Horses On a Mission
Booth #41

Kentucky Equine Management Internship (KEMI)
Booth #12

Kentucky Horse Park Gift Shop
Booth #40

Magna Wave PEMF
Booth #18

Maker's Mark Secretariat Center
Booth #44

Maryland Horse Industry
Booth #39

Mid-Atlantic Horse Rescue
Booth #56

Nectar Of The Vine
Booth #30

New Start
Booth #50

New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program
Booth #69

New York Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association
Booth #68

Booth #11

Omega Alpha
Booth #27-28

PA Horsebreeders Association
Booth #57

Posh with Sara

Booth #42

PTHA's Turning For Home
Booth #51

Booth #26

The Right Horse initative
Booth #72

RRP Silent Auction

Booth #63-66

SEH Jewelry Designs
Booth #29

Soteria Equestrian Safety
Booth #17

Source Micronutrients
Booth #38

Stitch Factory

Beside RRP Booth

Stoneware & Co.
Booth #45

Booth #37

Sugar Creek Equinapy
Booth #8

Tara's Equine Designs
Booth #59

Thoroughbred Charities of America
Booth #70-71

Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation
Booth #23

Booth #25

Tribute Equine Nutrition
Booth #4

Triple Crown Nutrition
Booth #47

United States Polo Association
Booth #60

University of Kentucky Ag Department
Booth #24

WinStar Farm
Booth #53

Wrigley Media, official event videographer
Booth #46

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